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Confusions and Solutions about VoIP Gateways

Many users get confused about the use of VoIP Gateways. In fact, they are at loss about how, where, and when to use the gateways. It is therefore necessary learning about the basics of the technology.

Functions of VoIP Gateways

Usually the VoIP gateway is meant to convert analog signals into digital ones and vice versa in a telephone system. Traffic that arrives through PSTN is passed through the gateway and they are converted in to digital packets. Thus they gain the capabilities of being transported over a local area network conveniently. In the same manner the digital IP traffics are fed through the gateway and are converted into analog signals so that they can be transported over some public switched telephone network.

Complex Issues Involved

However there are some complex issues involved in the use of the VoIP gateway. The issues relates to the protocols and voice codes involved. Former is the method of transportation of voice packets over the network whereas the latter is the process of encoding or decoding digital data streams as well as signals. To ensure that the gateway works well it is also necessary that the protocol as well as the codec are both compatible to the VoIP phone. If this is not the case the resulted could be distorted sounds, decreased call qualities or even failure of the system completely.

Common Protocol for VoIP

One of the most common protocols supported by most gateways with VoIP is the SIP or the session initiation protocol. Other protocols supported are Cisco, Skinny Client Control, MCCP and the H.323. A few of these like the last one have become outdated. Like the protocols the gateways also use multiple codec that determines how much of the voice or signal should be compressed and the amount of bandwidth required. Common codec supports are GSM, Alb, and a number in the G-series.

IP based door access control system helps opening one door in a system at a time and dispenses with the requirements for expensive control panels. Use of the gateways VoIP with such controls for door access renders the task even easier for the end user.