Use the Enhanced Telecommunication Systems for a Larger Business Network

Business is an art. Managing a business in a proper way needs a lot of involvement and most importantly a seamless control over the total system. Apart from the other major issues, controlling the communication system of the business is one of the most important issues to run a business well. The conventional public switched telephone networks (abbreviated as PSTN) do not meet the needs of the business nowadays. To contact the overseas clients and employee business enterprises one should have more than just the bunch of regular telephone sets. That is why technology has gifted us a lot of smart telecommunication systems.

VoIP gateway is the network that converts the Time division multiplexed telephony traffic data from PSTN network into a bunch of digital packets of data for transmission over a data network. In brief, it acts as a bridge between PSTN network and IP network. The voice analog signal origination from a PSTN network is converted into a digital signal through VoIP gateway. VoIP gateways are also available as external units. VoIP gateway can be used in two manners:

  1. To convert incoming PSTN lines into VoIP: In this case, the VoIP gateway allows the incoming and outgoing calls performed over the regular telephone networks.
  2. To connect a PBX phone system to the IP network: In this case, calls can be made through VoIP gateway providers.

There are a plenty of VoIP service providers available in Singapore. To choose the best suitable VoIP gateway provider you should follow some certain steps:

  • You should evaluate your internet connection firstly and determine the strength and capacity of your internet connection.
  • Make a detailed assessment of the company budget of yours.
  • Consider the needs of your VoIP gateway and determine the equipment needed for your VoIP connection.
  • Lastly, there are a lot of alternatives available in the market. Choose the best VoIP service provider suitable for your company scenario.

Among all the service providers Borderless Hub is a great choice as your VoIP service provider. They are headquartered in Singapore.

Session border controllers (SBC) are the devices that take control over the process of initiation, conduction, and termination of the calls over a VoIP network. It can be a hardware device or a software application. The calls are referred to as sessions here.


  • The SBC acts as an interface between the SIP trunking system, which greatly reduces the installation and access costs.
  • It can act as an additional security system to the firewall.
  • Establish sessions with both internal and external network elements that have different signaling.
  • It can assure you a secure service while connecting with other networks.

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Super and Fastest Combination of VoIP Gateways and Cloud PBX Solution Providers

Cloud PBX system is the trusted and oldest technology that has been upgraded to cloud technology with more efficient use of bandwidths and with faster data and calls transfer through VOIP.

Enjoy Calls, Anywhere; Feeling On Cloud 9 with Cloud PBX Solution Providers

Cloud PBX system works on the principle of cloud technology, where the various data is stored precisely and transferred over the internet rather than on a piece of hardware. This is an old technology but is growing popular because of its vivid usage by the consumers worldwide. Previously it was point to point data circuits. But gradually they discovered that cloud technology is the cheapest way to tackle those tasks. It is named so as the software developers refers to the drawings of a cloud to represent on the internet. Cloud technology helps you to access any data of your cloud from any device when connected to an internet. So with cloud PBX solution providers you can get all the standard private branch exchange features.

You must have a VOIP or other IP system if you wish to use cloud PBX. VOIP is voice over internet protocol which is much more than a computer. Here you can make national and international calls for business purpose. It works on voice call transmission that is converted to digital data across a packet switched network or internet at high speed. They provide many facilities like voicemail options, call diverting, call waiting, call block and many other.

In trend is the VOIP gateway that has won the hearts of millions. It is a gateway device that uses IP to transmit and receive voice communications, to both IP and PSTN. Any modern PC with a microphone and speakers is ready to act as VOIP. This gateway mainly converts PSTN, connects a traditional PBX phone to IP network. So technology has made your life easier and safer, and now you can call anywhere to your heart’s content with fastest cloud technology backed by VOIP.

Let Your Business Flourish with VoIP Gateways and Managed PBX Solution Providers

Your business needs effective communication to function effectively. This will be aided by the Managed PBX Solution Providers. A Managed PBX, so to speak, is a phone system of the business which is outsourced to another party. You should know that the equipment that is used is accommodated on the premise. The VoIP service provider maintains as well as manages the whole VoIP.

The cost of the installation and equipment is not necessary in this case. A managed PBX provider will only take the fee for the month which is generally determined by the number of lines or even phones. You do not have to worry about the installation and maintenance of the equipment as the provider will do that. The perks of using a managed PBX is your company will be free from risks related to the failure of the system of communications.

The features of IP PBX and a managed PBX are similar. However, a managed PBX has a few additional services as follows:

  • The technical problems are managed by an experienced IT.
  • The software is updated by a system admin.
  • The client company demands that the hardware should be upgraded and it is done by scalability.

VoIP Gateways are basically devices which will assist you in the conversion of the traffic of telephony into IP. The procedure takes place in the following two ways:

  • Incoming PSTN or the telephone line is converted into VoIP or SIP: The device enables in the reception of the calls and ensures that they are placed upon the telephony network used for regular purposes. You know that traditional phone lines assure greater clarity of call, hence they are used.
  • The connection is established between a PBX or Phone System and IP Network: If your company has multiple offices, the cost of your interoffice calling can be reduced if the calls are routed through the Internet. VoIP Gateways have connectors which work for the IP Network and has more than one ports to which the telephone lines can be connected.

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Top Benefits of Hosted PBX System for Modern Business

Modern business world is competitive, and the thumb rule of beating competition is adopting more cutting edge technologies to make the business process streamlined as well as robust. This is why small scale businesses, along with large scale businesses, should consider integrating hosted PBX phone systems. It can help an organization in various ways, and here we shall find some of the highlighted benefits of MyPBX:


While traditional legacy systems need regular maintenance tasks, hosted PBX system needs minimal maintenance. Thus, it saves both time and budget or expenses. Nevertheless, hosted PBX will be managed by the third party vendor, most probably your service provider. Hence, for the maintenance of the system, you do not need to undergo any hassles. It also does not require any complicated infrastructure.

Excellent Scalability

Managed PBX has been chosen for excellent scalability. It gives provisional support to add more phone lines or channels, extensions, and facilities for connecting handheld devices. It actually overcomes the limitations of traditional telecommunication system.


With traditional telecommunication system, a lot of glitches are common, especially call drops, delays or lapses, poor voice quality, etc. With managed PBX system, you get crystal clear sound quality without any glitches in call reception. In order to replace old legal system with this modernized internet based telephony system, all you need to do is finding the best managed PBX solution providers.

Superb Disaster Recovery

Traditional telecommunication system or often termed as legacy telecommunication system ‘goes down’ in case of unforeseen events, like storms, power outage, fire hazards, etc. On top of that connection restoration after disaster departure may take a lot of time. For example, telephone line breakdown due to storm would take a few days to be restored. With managed PBX, no such nuisances would happen as the system has been managed in a secured hosted environment. Moreover, professional service provider is skilled enough to deliver superb disaster recovery.

Hence, to give your business healthy competitive edge and to establish a secured channel for communication with clients or customers without any glitches, opt for adopting managed PBX system at your commercial place.

How Businesses Can Gain Benefits From Various VoIP Gateways?

With the help of a VoIP system, you can still use your conventional phone. What you simply need is a VoIP telephone adapter. It is a small memory stick which you can plug-in anywhere. As we all know VoIP allows the users to make call with the use of broadband internet rather than using the conventional phone system. It makes calls using the internet services thus lowering your monthly bills.

Cut on cost

Various businesses in Singapore have recognized the advantages of VoIP phones over their analog system and have been showing swift actions in introducing these changes in their businesses. Moreover, the use of VoIP reduces the cost involved.

Very portable

Yet another aspect that is hard to ignore is the portability which is available with various VoIP gateways. With the use of the broadband connection, you can login to your VoIP telephone, regardless of where you are. You simply need an internet connection and carry your headset along to begin a communication with your staffs or clients.


You can easily plug-in to a computer. The VoIP converter will find signals to convert all possible digital data, which is easy to route over the internet. You just need a computer, which you have to keep switched on all the time. So, no matter wherever you travel during a business, remember that a high-speed internet connection can only help you to receive calls over the VoIP.

Multiple Functions

What could you not do with the VoIPs? Starting from making phone calls to video conferencing – you can do everything. You can stay in touch with your employees and clients to discuss important deals, get access to files and documents, check or make agendas no matter whether you are on a holiday or on a business trip. Now even if you stay abroad for years, settings up urgent meetings with clients and customers will no longer be tough.

If you like having Singapore DID number as it could help your business grow, then give a try to it. Check out the VoIP systems best in your town and install them at your office to improve the efficiency to a large scale.

Cloud PBX Solution – A Boon to Business

Faster internet services and latest technologies have created new products and services that have improved the productivity for every small and medium business. Many small businesses are skeptical and hence they like things the way they are and come with the staunch belief if it does not break do not fix it.

Cloud telephony services allow running business efficiently with flexible and cost effective voice or advanced unified communication functions. They are easy to scale up, or down, help to improve productivity and keep your business in touch with the clients with little or no maintenance at all. IP Phone Systems finds it easy to scale up to 200-plus extensions and you can save money by paying exactly for the 200 extensions only.

Here are some key benefits that Cloud PBX Solution Providers will love to share to help you gather more information about this new service –

Cloud telephony is very cost-effective

Compared to those traditional PBX systems that used to cost thousands to set up, now come with an inexpensive monthly maintenance charge with IP Phone Systems, which has a pay-per-service facility. Compared to other technological advancements these technologies can actually save money.

Perfect for the SMEs

They come with competitive voice rates, free calls facility between offices and extensions. They also offer contact centre agents and enterprise grand features at a small price. Along with a hosted PBX solution and IP telephony you get big business features but at a lower price.
Hosted PBX Solution is scalable

This facility comes with easy scales from 4 to 200 extensions across single to multiple sites, and you just need to pay for what you use.

Hosted telephony helps to improve productivity

The hosted PBX Solution Providers says that with this service employees can stay connected to the business whether they are at home, office or on the road. They can enjoy unified communication regardless of the device location.

If you are having a bunch of hardworking talents working under you and if the team has started to outgrow, then a hosted solution will be perfect for you. This means you can increase your staff and at the same time lower your overheads.

How to Make Communication over Internet

Communication is the most important part of an organization and so there is need of some device that can make it very easy for all. It is not always possible to use normal communication system as it can increase the cost of the company. Thus, there is need of some device or system that can make communication within budget and so in such situation opting for VoIP will really prove beneficial for all. It is a communication system that can come within budget and can offer features that are even not possible even in a traditional phone system. This type of system is an important requirement for small companies as it will indirectly help to cut down communication cost of the company. The growing demand of VoIP has also introduced many providers that are ready to offer high-quality services.

The most important part of such phone system is VoIP Gateways that will help to communicate between employees and also make it easy to calls external numbers easily. The thing that can make it possible is IP PBX device that comes with different phone lines. It will help to decide whether a communication is between employees or it’s so customers. The type of calls will help to work accordingly and is required to switch calls and lines accordingly. It is always important to take care of clients and so VOIP system comes with answering functionality that will give an answer to clients even if one is not able to attend calls.

Small or medium sized companies who are finding it very tough to survive in such competitive world can find Yeastar one of the best devices that can handle all work. It is a device that can make it easy to communicate with flexible lines. It is very easy to switch between different modes on requirements and thus can help to reduce a cost of communication. The overall operating cost can be reduced with the help of such devices but features are not compromised. It is available in different models and it depends on the requirement of business to opt for the type of device. If wishing to have flexible communication system within budget going for such device can really prove beneficial for all.

How VoIP Can Help to Stay Connoted in Water

It is very difficult to spend life in water but now with help of VoIP it becomes an easy task. It gives an option where people can stay connected with life on earth.

It is very hard for people to survive who works in navy and ships. It is not possible for them to stay in contact with family as it is not always possible to get network while under water. In such scenario, there is a need for any communication system that can help crew people to stay in contact with their family. To make it possible, there is special VoIP system that can make it possible to connect marine life with earth. This type of communication can make it possible to connect easily and at the same time has reduced the distance between water and earth. This type of communication has made life very easy even in water.

There are different services offered by such type of communication set up. There are many such companies who have made it possible and have helped customers to use such services with an open heart. The Marine VoIP communications are very popular today and it includes different services like voice calling, data services, navigation and many more. The voice calling facility will help crew members to stay connected with a family with such type of communication system. The other important feature of such communication system is easy to set up. It is very easy to set such system in ships and thus give an option where the person who is living in ships can also stay in contact with the family.

This type of communication is possible through satellite data service. The connection is done in such a way that satellite can get signal even when one is underwater. There are many companies who are also offering data pack service to help people to stay connected with other people. The transfer rate is also very fast. It will help to get GPS location and navigation. Thus, VoIP is not only helping to stay connected with people but also give an option where one can get various options to save their life from danger situation. Thus, everyone who is living in water is benefitted with such special marine communication system. It is helping people to enjoy life even while living in water and thus make it possible to stay connected with outside world.

Confusions and Solutions about VoIP Gateways

Many users get confused about the use of VoIP Gateways. In fact, they are at loss about how, where, and when to use the gateways. It is therefore necessary learning about the basics of the technology.

Functions of VoIP Gateways

Usually the VoIP gateway is meant to convert analog signals into digital ones and vice versa in a telephone system. Traffic that arrives through PSTN is passed through the gateway and they are converted in to digital packets. Thus they gain the capabilities of being transported over a local area network conveniently. In the same manner the digital IP traffics are fed through the gateway and are converted into analog signals so that they can be transported over some public switched telephone network.

Complex Issues Involved

However there are some complex issues involved in the use of the VoIP gateway. The issues relates to the protocols and voice codes involved. Former is the method of transportation of voice packets over the network whereas the latter is the process of encoding or decoding digital data streams as well as signals. To ensure that the gateway works well it is also necessary that the protocol as well as the codec are both compatible to the VoIP phone. If this is not the case the resulted could be distorted sounds, decreased call qualities or even failure of the system completely.

Common Protocol for VoIP

One of the most common protocols supported by most gateways with VoIP is the SIP or the session initiation protocol. Other protocols supported are Cisco, Skinny Client Control, MCCP and the H.323. A few of these like the last one have become outdated. Like the protocols the gateways also use multiple codec that determines how much of the voice or signal should be compressed and the amount of bandwidth required. Common codec supports are GSM, Alb, and a number in the G-series.

IP based door access control system helps opening one door in a system at a time and dispenses with the requirements for expensive control panels. Use of the gateways VoIP with such controls for door access renders the task even easier for the end user.

Popular Among VoIP Gateways – Free PBX

One of the popular VoIP Gateways in the industry is the Free of cost PBX. Basically it is one of the web based graphical user interface that is open sourced and helps management of PBX as well as the voice over IP servers.

It is a genuine licensed product

Licensed under GNU General Public License and it is basically one of the components of the FreeBPX Distro. The later is a Linux system in which PBX is pre-installed. The system is used as the key piece in most of the 3rd party distributions such as PBX in the flash system.

Multiple Take Over

In the early parts of the year 2013, FreePBX was acquired by later it was taken over by the Sangoma Technologies Corporation on the second day of January 2015.

Manual and pre-configured installation

The tool can be installed either manually or as an integral part of pre-configured. It includes system operating system, Asterisk, the graphical user interface as well as other associated tools.

Open source distributions containing FreePBX

Open source distributions that contain this particular form of the VoIP Gateway; the PBX are as follows.
• The Elastix
• Trickbox CE
• Flash PBX
• Asterisk NOW

Down the memory lane

The app was introduced for the first time on the 28th day of November 2004 as version 0.2 and as the Asterisk Management Portal. Later it was renamed as Free deal of PBX as Asterisk was already registered for Digium Corporation. Over the last eleven years there have been multiple evolutions of the software with inclusion of new menus and features. The current version was released in June 2014.

Enhancement of features in the tool

In addition to the existing features like voice mail, fax, support for multiple languages, DAHDI as well as the calling queues and local directories the new version has added support for Asterisk 12, control panel, admin version control as well as PISIP support making the app extremely useful.

Most of the top ranked hardware manufacturers provide hardware compatibility with the system. Some of the leading names are Astra Technologies, Cisco Systems, Mitel, Algo, Paasonic, Digium, Sangoma, and Mitel among others. According to a recent estimate the app has already more than five million downloads.