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Why You Should Choose Cloud Based PBX Systems

In this digitized era of the 21st century, people are choosing to conduct their business over digital means and yet the matter remains that a (VoIP) phone is still an important device in the workplace. Why? Well, below are the reasons:In this digitized era of the 21st century, people are choosing to conduct their business over digital means and yet the matter remains that a (VoIP) phone is still an important device in the workplace. Why? Well, below are the reasons:

Less cost: It costs less to set up than other devices as it is done through a standard phone provider.

More features: The VoIP setups allows for more features like auto attendants, faxing, voicemail, voicemail-to-text, multi device soft phones and much more. It allows smaller organizations to be on par with bigger ones at least on this basis. So it levels the playing field a bit especially since each and every piece of communication is stored as data and can be easily retrieved if needed.


As a result, by using IP Phone Systems you are in essence converting your entire phone system to software which can be integrated with each other. This results in your phone becoming synonymous with Customer Relationship Management. So now coming onto the topic, let’s discuss PBX? Well, it stands for Public Branch Exchange and it is used to refer to the tech that any telephone provider uses to route calls. But PBX has some disadvantages:

• It consists of a large unit of hardware that has to be stored in site of work and had to be operated manually (but in recent years automatic operation has become possible).

• It was very costly for a company- as these are not only large but they also need special storage facilities and regular repairs. Also if the business needs to move then the process of unit transfer would be time consuming as well.

• These units are expensive in itself and the total cost of setup may run up to $5000.
But even with these disadvantages companies with a lot of phones and many employees can’t function without some kind of PBX tech.

Here is where Cloud PBX systems come in- as the name implies, it is based on cloud computing technology and so the data is stored and transferred over the internet rather than on a computer. So it gives access to PBX features but without the need for any such complicated equipment. It is like a virtual PBX so it means that all the routing services are done by the VoIP provider rather than an employee in charge of managing the PBX system in the workplace.


So Cloud PBX Solution Providers are the ones to look out for as they are the ones who are there to make life easier by giving your business a sleek alternative to the bulky traditional one.


Storing Data over Clouds

Cloud technology has numerous applications in business as well as for consumers. During the mid 1990’s, the companies which were using point – to- point data circuits began using cloud technology for storing data as cloud technology was comparably cheaper and made for efficient use of bandwidth. We can say that the term cloud refers to drawing of abstract cloud by its programmers. Cloud is a symbol or tool marking the difference between a service provider and the responsibilities of the customer.

Cloud technology, unlike a ny other storage technology, allows one to access data from any device with the requirement of an Internet Connection.

Now what is PBX?

PBX is the abbreviated form of public branch exchange. It is the technology used by every telephone provider to route calls. Companies with multiple phones and a lot of interconnected phones as well as employees cannot function properly without a public branch exchange i.e. PBX.

So now coming to cloud PBX, we can state that it is actually based on cloud computing technology where data and information rather than being stored on a computer or some hardware storage disk, is actually stored over the Internet.

Cloud technology has been in the technological scene for many years but it is for the Cloud PBX Solution Providers that the Cloud PBX technology has become so popular among consumers. In recent years Cloud PBX has seen a varying and vast advancements, where PBX is made to operate automatically rather manually.


Well how will a Cloud PBX work?

The working of a cloud PBX is very simple where it is first connected to the IP of one’s system or to that of one’s phone with a working Internet connection.
Another necessary element needed to use cloud PBX is a VoIP or other IP system, well most of the VoIP providers do not include any charge.

The openness of the FreePBX project allows users, resellers, enthusiasts and Partners to utilize the FreePBX System and to build robust communications solutions that are powerful but at the same time easy to implement and support the consumers and their activities.

Your personalized account becomes the key to access your cloud PBX, when one needs to transfer data from one device to another. This straightway means that your stored data is accessible by the user on any device with an active internet connection. The cloud PBX provider you choose is actually the one in charge of storing as well as managing all the data that has been transferred over cloud storage and thus PBX handles it. Multiple devices are involved in the process of securing and accessing data through such software and it gives access to multiple accounts over the common cloud PBX system.

Cloud PBX Solution – A Boon to Business

Faster internet services and latest technologies have created new products and services that have improved the productivity for every small and medium business. Many small businesses are skeptical and hence they like things the way they are and come with the staunch belief if it does not break do not fix it.

Cloud telephony services allow running business efficiently with flexible and cost effective voice or advanced unified communication functions. They are easy to scale up, or down, help to improve productivity and keep your business in touch with the clients with little or no maintenance at all. IP Phone Systems finds it easy to scale up to 200-plus extensions and you can save money by paying exactly for the 200 extensions only.

Here are some key benefits that Cloud PBX Solution Providers will love to share to help you gather more information about this new service –

Cloud telephony is very cost-effective

Compared to those traditional PBX systems that used to cost thousands to set up, now come with an inexpensive monthly maintenance charge with IP Phone Systems, which has a pay-per-service facility. Compared to other technological advancements these technologies can actually save money.

Perfect for the SMEs

They come with competitive voice rates, free calls facility between offices and extensions. They also offer contact centre agents and enterprise grand features at a small price. Along with a hosted PBX solution and IP telephony you get big business features but at a lower price.
Hosted PBX Solution is scalable

This facility comes with easy scales from 4 to 200 extensions across single to multiple sites, and you just need to pay for what you use.

Hosted telephony helps to improve productivity

The hosted PBX Solution Providers says that with this service employees can stay connected to the business whether they are at home, office or on the road. They can enjoy unified communication regardless of the device location.

If you are having a bunch of hardworking talents working under you and if the team has started to outgrow, then a hosted solution will be perfect for you. This means you can increase your staff and at the same time lower your overheads.