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Things That a Business Can Enjoy with Hosted Cloud Based PBX System

Business communication plays important role in business process management. For every business, it should be a priority to bolster business communication with latest devices and communication instruments. For this reason, you need to acquire knowledge on FreePBX, if you have to manage a small business and you need to keep communicating with people related to your business or potential customers for your business. The benefits of having this type of modernized communication system are discussed in the following section of this article.

Better Customer Experience

With hosted PBX solutions, it is possible to provide better telephonic communication service to customers. The customers need to communicate with the businesses due to many reasons. They need help from different business departments. Moreover, most of the businesses work globally. Thus, customers have their own timing for calling to the businesses. With hosted PBX system, it is possible to transfer calls to call operators from the business headquarter easily. As a result, customers enjoy better treatments from the business, when they call with their queries.

Cost-effective Telephonic Communication

Telephonic communication via traditional telephonic systems is quite expensive. Not just small business, but large scale businesses cannot deal with such high amount of expenses. Instead of going for traditional telephonic system, they simply opt for hosted PBX so that overall process can get highly cost-effective. Saving cost or expenses is the most important thing for a business. To deal with high inflation, businesses need to adopt different technological incorporation. From this aspect, it is worthy to invest in cloud based hosted PBX system for communication.

Checking Call Data with More Perfection

Every business step should converge towards productivity. It is important to scrutinize various business processes to check productivity. Traditional method of communication via telephonic system is not productive. Moreover, it is difficult to gather data with such telephonic system. With hosted PBX, you can easily get important data regarding your telephonic communications with clients or customers and other people related to your business. It helps monitoring performance of sales team in a better way. As you have access to minute or precise data, it becomes easier to make more productive business decisions.

Advanced Features

With Cloud PBX solution providers, you shall get advanced calling features. Not just simple voice calling, it can help to attain seamless video calling. It also gives opportunity to make conference calling so that more than one person can be involved for a virtual meeting. Business managers at different branches can easily talk to the business directors without moving to any specific place. This helps in smoother business process management. Internal communication of a business has to be made better for the overall betterment of the business. For effective or seamless business growth, it is more important than anything else.


Storing Data over Clouds

Cloud technology has numerous applications in business as well as for consumers. During the mid 1990’s, the companies which were using point – to- point data circuits began using cloud technology for storing data as cloud technology was comparably cheaper and made for efficient use of bandwidth. We can say that the term cloud refers to drawing of abstract cloud by its programmers. Cloud is a symbol or tool marking the difference between a service provider and the responsibilities of the customer.

Cloud technology, unlike a ny other storage technology, allows one to access data from any device with the requirement of an Internet Connection.

Now what is PBX?

PBX is the abbreviated form of public branch exchange. It is the technology used by every telephone provider to route calls. Companies with multiple phones and a lot of interconnected phones as well as employees cannot function properly without a public branch exchange i.e. PBX.

So now coming to cloud PBX, we can state that it is actually based on cloud computing technology where data and information rather than being stored on a computer or some hardware storage disk, is actually stored over the Internet.

Cloud technology has been in the technological scene for many years but it is for the Cloud PBX Solution Providers that the Cloud PBX technology has become so popular among consumers. In recent years Cloud PBX has seen a varying and vast advancements, where PBX is made to operate automatically rather manually.


Well how will a Cloud PBX work?

The working of a cloud PBX is very simple where it is first connected to the IP of one’s system or to that of one’s phone with a working Internet connection.
Another necessary element needed to use cloud PBX is a VoIP or other IP system, well most of the VoIP providers do not include any charge.

The openness of the FreePBX project allows users, resellers, enthusiasts and Partners to utilize the FreePBX System and to build robust communications solutions that are powerful but at the same time easy to implement and support the consumers and their activities.

Your personalized account becomes the key to access your cloud PBX, when one needs to transfer data from one device to another. This straightway means that your stored data is accessible by the user on any device with an active internet connection. The cloud PBX provider you choose is actually the one in charge of storing as well as managing all the data that has been transferred over cloud storage and thus PBX handles it. Multiple devices are involved in the process of securing and accessing data through such software and it gives access to multiple accounts over the common cloud PBX system.

Popular Among VoIP Gateways – Free PBX

One of the popular VoIP Gateways in the industry is the Free of cost PBX. Basically it is one of the web based graphical user interface that is open sourced and helps management of PBX as well as the voice over IP servers.

It is a genuine licensed product

Licensed under GNU General Public License and it is basically one of the components of the FreeBPX Distro. The later is a Linux system in which PBX is pre-installed. The system is used as the key piece in most of the 3rd party distributions such as PBX in the flash system.

Multiple Take Over

In the early parts of the year 2013, FreePBX was acquired by later it was taken over by the Sangoma Technologies Corporation on the second day of January 2015.

Manual and pre-configured installation

The tool can be installed either manually or as an integral part of pre-configured. It includes system operating system, Asterisk, the graphical user interface as well as other associated tools.

Open source distributions containing FreePBX

Open source distributions that contain this particular form of the VoIP Gateway; the PBX are as follows.
• The Elastix
• Trickbox CE
• Flash PBX
• Asterisk NOW

Down the memory lane

The app was introduced for the first time on the 28th day of November 2004 as version 0.2 and as the Asterisk Management Portal. Later it was renamed as Free deal of PBX as Asterisk was already registered for Digium Corporation. Over the last eleven years there have been multiple evolutions of the software with inclusion of new menus and features. The current version was released in June 2014.

Enhancement of features in the tool

In addition to the existing features like voice mail, fax, support for multiple languages, DAHDI as well as the calling queues and local directories the new version has added support for Asterisk 12, control panel, admin version control as well as PISIP support making the app extremely useful.

Most of the top ranked hardware manufacturers provide hardware compatibility with the system. Some of the leading names are Astra Technologies, Cisco Systems, Mitel, Algo, Paasonic, Digium, Sangoma, and Mitel among others. According to a recent estimate the app has already more than five million downloads.

Taking Business across Borders, Reduce Communication Cost and Increase Efficiency

All business needs communications beyond all boundaries and borders. It is never suitable for a business to be in a situation where there is restricted communication but that really need sophisticated and robust communication technology and products. That’s what is provided by Borderless Hub.

Business is all about crossing the limits, taking risks and having plan Bs and Cs. But, are all the businesses present today really that easy or there are constraints that restrict the business to reach where it was meant to. Now, it is easier to say and dream of one’s business reaching ultimate heights and being at zenith, but what matters is walking the talk. No business should be restricted due to geographical boundaries or boundaries created to distinguish two geographical lands and that is one of the most important things to take business to new heights. When it comes to businesses, almost all kinds of businesses need long distance communication and that goes beyond borders. Clearly, no one would ever want this to be a constraint in any way in business where there are lots of more important things to do and when there is a constant endeavor to take the business to all new level. In business, it is extremely important to have unrestricted and unlimited communication products and solutions to have constant and unrestricted communication which can even go beyond borders. While domestic communications is never really an issue majorly, seldom is, the international and cross border communications also need to be unrestricted and something that happens without any disturbance. That’s where borderless hub stands out among all other such solution providers, with various kinds of services and products and years of experience under its belt. The basic intent behind all the services offered by the company is to transcend business beyond borders and make it reach deep into all places beyond borders.

There are various products that the company provides along with various other services that can be availed with absolute ease. Products like FreePBX, BHW70B DECT BASE STATION, MYPBX U520, BHS82 HEADSET, BH88 ENTERPRISE IP PHONE, ip pbx system and many other products are available for sale in stores. These products not just make it easier to help communicate beyond borders, but also reduce the communication costs, if not eliminate by and large. With improved communication, the business is sure to get higher profits as a result of reduced expenses on communication. This is what Borderless Hub helps achieve and with its services and products. Being the leading and well established Internet Telephony Service Provider, the company provides different types of services increasing scalability and reach of business. The company also offers VoIP services through high quality routes. There are various other services that the company provides like Wholesale A-Z Termination, Worldwide Virtual DID Numbers, Business VoIP, etc. The company operates in various countries and provides services at highly competitive rates.

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